Personal data protection

Saving access data
Any time you access a file on our website the access data will be saved. Each data set consists of:
- name of the file
- access date and hour
- access status (transferred file , not found, etc.)
- description of the type of the web browser used

The saved data will only be used for statistical purposes and its disclosure to third parties, also in part, shall not happen.

Saving, processing, using and cancelling personal data

On this website visitors can leave their personal data. Personal data is information , which can be used for establishing identity. Personal data comprises such information as, for example, your name and surname, address, mail address, telephone number , e-mail address, IP, and cookies. As far as your personal data is concerned, we focus your attention , pursuant to §33 of the federal law (BDSG), to the fact that this data is, according to the currently binding regulations on personal data protection, saved and/ or transferred.

As far as protection of personal data is concerned you should know the following issues:
Basically, pursuant to the Regulation of personal data protection (GDPR) you have:
- the right to be provided with information about your personal data , any correction concerning your data, cancellation of your personal data, the right to limit processing of your personal data, the right to object to collecting, saving and processing as well as the right to object to data transfer,
- the right to withdraw a consent priorly given,
- the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority competent for our unit, namely the Accounting and Communal Control Office for
Spree-Neiße poviat, and
-the right to transfer your data.


Providing data in this case is performed pursuant to GDPR, relevant federal and land laws ( especially the telemedia law (TMG), the federal law on personal data protection (BDSG) and the Brandenbug law on data protection) as well as the Town Chief By-laws of Guben.

The right of access to information entitles you, as a person whom the data concerns, to be informed in due time about your personal data and its processing.

The basis and the purpose of processing is that a local government carries out works reportable to it as well as the tasks set out in law. This comprises also informing about citizens' issues as well as their inquiries on local government administration website.

You can object to processing, if:

- you have doubts about the data correctness,
- data processing is illegal,
- the purpose of processing disappeared, but the data is required for enforcement of claims from people the data concerns,
- you have the right to object according to GDPR.

Third parties and organizations basically are not informed about data collected and/ or about people, whose personal data has been collected. Time for saving personal data is until the end of a calendar year, following the year in which the data has been collected, on the maximum.


What does the right to correct data mean according to GDPR?

The person the data refers to , can demand to complement his/her personal data without any delay. Apart from that, you can require that your personal data collected be transferred to other sites.

When must your personal data be cancelled (the right "to be forgotten")?

This happens, if:
- collecting personal data is necessary,
- the person the data refers to has revoked its consent to data processing,
- data has been processed illegally,
- there is an obligation to cancel data according to EU law or a national law,

When is the right "to be forgotten” not exercised?

This happens, when:
- the right to express one's own opinion or freedom of information is prevailing, because the concern of third parties is great,
- data is collected in order to meet legal requirements,
-public interest in public health is overriding,
-it is against archivization or scientific purposes and historic research purposes, or
-collecting data is required for asserting, executing or protecting legal claims.


In other cases personal data is treated strictly confidential and can be disclosed to other parties exclusively upon your prior individual consent. We also wish to focus your attention to the fact, that personal data protection on open networks, such as the Internet, bearing in mind current technology advancement, cannot be guaranteed in full.
We praise the trust you have in us and we shall always act with due diligence in order to protect your personal data. If you have any questions you can contact us directly.

Furthermore, you should also consider the fact that with uncoded transfer of data in the Internet it is possible that third parties take possession of the data transferred there or fake them.

In case a website uses newsletters, contact forms or links to social media, which, if needed may change, you will be informed about such a use, accordingly.

In case our websites has links to such social media as Facebook, Twitter lub Xing, your personal data will be collected, saved, used and processed also by such media, if you decide to use links to those media.

Also, when you subscribe for a newsletter or fill in a contact form, your personal data will be collected, saved, used and processed, unless you decide not to subscribe for a newsletter and request such data to be cancelled.


Information clause (art. 13, 14 GDPR)

The following information on personal data processing informs you about activities of administrators when processing data by particular departments of the Municipal Office, Mayor's Office, Services Centre.....