Southern Industrial Zone (Industriegebiet-Süd)

There are 35 companies employing over 1200 people that have their seats in the attractive location of the zone which is only 4km from the Polish-German border crossing in Gubinek .
As the traditional centre of chemical industry -as early as during GDR Guben developed into the leading producer of chemical fibre- the facilities in Forster Straße can take pride in worldwide companies that deal in plastics and chemical business, such as Trevira GmbH, Azot Group, ATT Polymers GmbH i Megaflex Schaumstoff GmbH. Excellent geographical location of the Southern Industrial Zone has a favourable effect on not only a direct trade with companies from Poland, but also with the whole region of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Apart from the modern infrastructure in various configuration and the fire brigade station the zone is also provided with railway siding of the DB AG cross-regional railways and as a closed facility it is equipped with the most advanced security technique and access control.

Brief characteristics of the Southern Industrial Zone:

The only in the region industrial zone lies in the southern outskirts of Guben (when going from Forst).
The zone is shown in the officially binding spatial development plan as industrial area. There is no division of this area by detailed types of building development ( possible use for business/industrial activity).
124,85 ha of total area
25,79 ha of available, fully developed areas designed for new investments, apart from which there is 3,78 ha of private land.
35 companies
2008/2016 important investment projects dealing with new security systems and modernization of the whole infrastructure were implemented.