Industrial area Guben

Industrial area Guben

The entrepreneur-friendly town of Guben lies directly on the Polish-German border and is a significant centre of such industries as plastics/ chemistry/food as well as metal manufacture, metal working and processing. The town upon the Neisse, convinces people with its charm of a relatively big town in south-eastern Brandenburg.

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Southern Industrial Zone (Industriegebiet-Süd)

There are 35 companies employing over 1200 people that have their seats in the attractive location of the zone which is only 4km from the Polish-German border crossing in Gubinek .As the traditional centre of chemical industry -as early as during GDR Guben developed into the leading producer of chemical fibre- the facilities in Forster Straße can take pride in worldwide companies that deal in plastics and chemical business, such as Trevira GmbH, Azot Group, ATT Polymers GmbH i Megaflex Schaumstoff GmbH. Excellent geographical location of the Southern Industrial Zone has a favourable effect on not only a direct trade…

Economic activity zone Deulowitz

Apart from the strong centre of chemical industry in the western part of Guben, there is also an economic activity zone Deulowitz which possesses a direct connection with the federal road 112. This zone is first of all concerned about crafts. The leading company is Peter and Cornelia Dreißig's Bakery – a limited partnership with approximately 900 employees. Run by family members, the company is ranked, together with its branch shops in several Eastern-German lands amongst the most recognized bakeries in the whole Lusatia. In the close vicinity of the zone the traditional Guben company called Hoffmann-Möbe has its seat,…

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