The town of Guben
Public law corporation ( a local government unit)
Stadt Guben
Gasstraße 4
03172 Guben

represented by:
Fred Mahro

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Fax: +49 (3561) 6871-4000
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Spokesman for the town of Guben
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Disclaimer (of civil liability) in case there is a problem with data updating or substantive errors occur
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Use of e-mail addresses - information about e-communication
The e-mail addresses should basically be used for communications without electronic signature and/or coding. However, the town of Guben has activated electronic access to mail with qualified electronic signature. The written form required by law, can , unless a regulation states otherwise, be replaced by an electronic form. Electronic form has the same legal effect as a signed hard copy (written form). In case of submitting documents signed with a qualified electronic signature separate instructions shall apply that can be downloaded from Elektronische Zugangseröffnung.
If a part of this text or its individual expressions become illegal, are already illegal or illegal to some extent, this would not affect the contents of the remaining parts and their validity.