Town Hall

The Town Hall, located in the southern part of the old town, is perfectly set in the surroundings of the ruins of the Parish Church. It was erected in the 14th century and for many years it was the home of local authorities. It was the place where the town councillors met, where lay judges worked and where since 1335 the Mayor had his seat. Throughout the years the town hall building has been rebuilt several times. In the first decade of the 16th century the southern part with the tower was attached, whereas in the 17th century it was rebuilt in the late Renaissance style and three fronts were added. The Town hall as the representative seat of local authorities hosted many noble men, such as: Sigismund Jagiellon, Sigismund the Old, Augustus the Strong and in 1712 the Tzar Peter I was entertained here. World War II was not gracious to the Town Hall which was severely destroyed. Its rebuilding which lasted almost 10 years took a lot of effort and labour. Since 1986 the western wing of the Town Hall is occupied by the Town Public Library, Pedagogical Library and the Gubin Community Centre. Recently the Town Hall tower got a chime clock.