Main Parish Church

One of the most prominent buildings of Gubin are undoubtedly the ruins of the Main Parish Church. The first reference about the church dates back to 1324, the time when trade was there in full swing. The church was built in the Roman style in a shape of a three-aisled basilica. After destruction caused by the earthquakes in the 14th century, the building was demolished and in its place erection of a new Gothic church started. The works lasted very long, and the church got its final shape in 1844. During World War II the church was almost completely destroyed. In the years that followed, its prominence has not been brought back despite the efforts of the local authorities. In the seventies of the 20th century the building was secured as permanent ruins. Today the magnificent form of the church attracts attention of visitors to Gubin with its charm and might. It must be stressed that in 2014 the church tower was made available to visitors from where they can admire the beautiful view of Guben-Gubin. The church renovation was possible owing to the EU financial support. As part of the same project an international architectonic competition was decided and the best concept of the complete rebuilding of the Main Parish Church was determined.