Guben – Cloister Church

The name of the church originates from the Benedictine cloister which was founded here in the beginning of the 13th century. After Reformation the cloister was dissolved. The church was designed in Neo-Gothic style by K. A. Flaminius, the master builder and inaugurated officially in 1862. The church miraculously survived the destruction of the town in 1945. The present cloister church is the third temple erected in this place. The first one was destroyed by Hussites in 1429, the other one was demolished in 1860 due to the bad technical condition. Until World War II the church was visited only by villagers. Christians from Guben attended services in the Main Parish Church in the present Gubin. For many years now, the church has been the town's religious and sacred music hub. In 2003 the church, following a many years' renovation, regained its luster. The stained-glass windows, designed by Helge Warmeg, a Berliner artist in 1999, are of special attention. The main theme illustrated there is the Protestant song "Jesus, my Joy" by Johann Cruger ( music) and Johann Frank (lyrics) of Guben.