Guben – Church of the Good Shepherd

Erected in 1903 in the Art Nouvueau style, the church had been designed by the renown Architecture office in Berlin, Spalding und Grenander. It is the Evangelical-Lutheran parish church established in 1836, when some of the town craftsmen started meeting for Lutheran services. Gottlob Wilke, the hat manufacturer , was one of them. His son, Friedrich Wilke, donated the money for the construction of the church building. Remarkable are the three windows of the former Wilke family lodge, the brass fittings on the altar and the pulpit as well as the chandeliers and the wall lights. In the eighties of the 20th century the church underwent thorough renovation. The new stained-glass windows appeared near the altar being now the optic reference point. In the immediate vicinity of the church there is the historical Gate House made of clinker bricks. It was a gatehouse of the Wilke Villa which was severely damaged during the war in 1945 and later demolished. The Villa was originally a prominent middle-class residence reflecting the outstanding role the Wilke family played in Guben.

The Parish of the Good Shepherd belongs to the Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church (SELK). It is an independent church basing its teaching on the Bible and the Book of Concord. It is independent of the church tax system.