Water sports: the Lusatian Neisse river - Polish and German river attraction

The Neisse river with the total length of 254 kilometres has its springs in the Czech Republic. The German section of the river up to its estuary into the Odra river near Ratzdorf has the length of 198 km. Since the access to the Schengen Area in 2007 the river has ceased to be a border river and has became a destination joining not only Guben with Gubin but the whole region as well. The coalescence of the two towns offers new opportunities for exploring the Neisse river as a recreation and leisure.

On the sides of both Gubin and Guben there are piers and slips for launching boats encouraging water sports fans to take up rowing and canoeing. The current of the river is quite fast and amounts to 4 to 6 km/h. Therefore, the river sections resembling wild rivers offer unforgettable experience. The river can be travelled by boat or a kayak watching at the same time beautiful landscape and flora from a completely new perspective. On offer there are also one-day trips , for example from Forst to Guben and from Guben to Ratzdorf. The cycling route Oder- Neiße-Radweg leads along the river Neisse and everyone can change from a bike onto a boat and continue the route by water.