Bicycle trips within the area of Guben and Gubin

Exploring diversity of nature, admiring beautiful lakes from the shoreline and biking through woods and forests , along riparian forests and amongst ancient trees - you can experience all this in the region of Guben-Gubin. Take deep breaths and admire the region biodiversity and gems of architecture. Various tourist attractions on tourist routes will make every trip a special experience. The cycling infrastructure in the region of Guben is well developed. Around 400 kilometres of cycling paths are awaiting active tourists, whereas lake beaches, rest places and inns offering local specialities are warmly welcoming.

The cycling network is also being developed in the region of Gubin. While exploring cycling paths and quiet village roads you can admire the primeval character of the surroundings. Those who search for quietness and picturesque landscapes can find here opportunities to load up their energy. One of the cycling routes is presented below:

The route around Guben lakes

The surroundings of Guben are characterized by woodlands and heathlands as well as by numerous lakes provided with perfectly clean water. The route around the Guben lakes offers many rest places. Göhlensee lake is a lake with lots of water lilies and reeds located in a valley covered with forest and provides with its rich fauna and flora perfect conditions for watching nature. Clean water of Pinnower lake offers refreshing swim. Another lake spotted on the route is Kleinsee lake, located amongst vast mixed pine and common oak forests. From here, following the L50 road, you can get to Großsee lake. Pastlingsee lake is located within the nature reserve. A keen tourist will be happy to find rare plants, such as, for example, sundew. Deulowitzer See lake, the most popular lake with citizens offers rowing boat cruises. All the lakes on the route are provided with water abundant in local fish species, such as pike, perch-pike or eel.

Route course:

Tourist information in Guben – Groß Breesen – Sembten – Schieben – Göhlensee – Groß Drewitz – Pinnow – Pinnower See – Kleinsee – Großsee – Drewitz – Past-lingsee – Grabko – Kerkwitz – Deulowitzer See – Kaltenborn – Guben

Route length:

approximately 55 km

Route characteristics :

  • cycling routes (paved, separate cycling paths)
  • routes shared with individual roads (quiet roads of medium traffic)

Tourist attractions:

  • town centres of Guben and Gubin
  • lakes: Göhlensee, Pinnower See, Kleinsee, Großsee, Pastlingsee, Deulowitzer See
  • village churches : Groß Breesen, Sembten, Pinnow, Drewitz, Kerkwitz
  • roundabout walking paths : Pinnower See, Göhlensee, Kleinsee

Food services:

  • Carp tavern upon Pinnower See lake
  • Flemming`s restaurant upon Deulowitzer See lake
  • Zum Dorfkrug Inn in Kerkwitz