Bicycle trips within the area of Guben and Gubin

Exploring diversity of nature, admiring beautiful lakes from the shoreline and biking through woods and forests , along riparian forests and amongst ancient trees - you can experience all this in the region of Guben-Gubin. Take deep breaths and admire the region biodiversity and gems of architecture. Various tourist attractions on tourist routes will make every trip a special experience. The cycling infrastructure in the region of Guben is well developed. Around 400 kilometres of cycling paths are awaiting active tourists, whereas lake beaches, rest places and inns offering local specialities are warmly welcoming. The cycling network is also being…

Water sports: the Lusatian Neisse river - Polish and German river attraction

The Neisse river with the total length of 254 kilometres has its springs in the Czech Republic. The German section of the river up to its estuary into the Odra river near Ratzdorf has the length of 198 km. Since the access to the Schengen Area in 2007 the river has ceased to be a border river and has became a destination joining not only Guben with Gubin but the whole region as well. The coalescence of the two towns offers new opportunities for exploring the Neisse river as a recreation and leisure. On the sides of both Gubin and…

Gunther von Hagens PLASTINARIUM

Gunther von Hagens PLASTINARIUM was inaugurated in 2006 in Guben in Uferstraße. It is the home of an anatomic exhibition called BODY WORLD combined with a practical presentation of particular stages of plastination. In the carefully renovated weaving plant, providing the exhibition space of 3000 square metres, visitors can learn about the anatomy of humans and animals, observe the plastination process and various preparation techniques. For detailed information see

Guben - The Friedrich-Wilke-Square

The Friedrich Wilke Square is the heart of the new town centre of Guben. C.G. Wilke's hat factory which started its activity in 1862 continued until the nineties of the 20th century. After closing the factory, its building was unused. Following a thorough rebuilding and renovation the former production workshops are now the home of the Guben Town Hall, the Town Library, the Museum of the Town and Industry as well as the municipal Johann Cruger Music School. The former Dye Works of the hat factory with its three hoods has become the town landmark and is used as a…

Guben – Church of the Good Shepherd

Erected in 1903 in the Art Nouvueau style, the church had been designed by the renown Architecture office in Berlin, Spalding und Grenander. It is the Evangelical-Lutheran parish church established in 1836, when some of the town craftsmen started meeting for Lutheran services. Gottlob Wilke, the hat manufacturer , was one of them. His son, Friedrich Wilke, donated the money for the construction of the church building. Remarkable are the three windows of the former Wilke family lodge, the brass fittings on the altar and the pulpit as well as the chandeliers and the wall lights. In the eighties of…

Guben – Cloister Church

The name of the church originates from the Benedictine cloister which was founded here in the beginning of the 13th century. After Reformation the cloister was dissolved. The church was designed in Neo-Gothic style by K. A. Flaminius, the master builder and inaugurated officially in 1862. The church miraculously survived the destruction of the town in 1945. The present cloister church is the third temple erected in this place. The first one was destroyed by Hussites in 1429, the other one was demolished in 1860 due to the bad technical condition. Until World War II the church was visited only…

Town and Industry Museum

The former hat factory is the seat of not only the Municipal Office, but the Town and Industry Museum, as well. Visitors can learn about the history of the town and about the over 150 years' history of hat manufacture, which significantly affected the town development. The exhibition space of approximately 450 m2 under 14 hoods brings back the memory of hat industry in the past, whereas advanced media create interactive world where visitors can virtually try hats on or take a walk down the Neisse river. Stadt- und Industriemuseum Guben Gasstraße 5 03172 Guben Tel.: 03561 6871 2100 Fax:…

Guben – Regional Museum Sprucker Mühle

Artwork and culture in the Old Mill. "Sprucker Mühle" was originally a flour mill and the first reference about it dates back to 1363. Following several fires, the mill has been since 1980 renovated and expanded. Since 1985 it has been the seat of the Museum of Guben, which can take pride in its 90 years' museum tradition. Well preserved technical facilities date back to the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The whole complex is under supervision of monument conservator. Heimatmuseum „Sprucker Mühle“ Mühlenstraße 5 03172 Guben

Oldtimers' Museum in Guben

You are welcome to visit the Oldtimers' Museum, the only museum of the type in East Germany. The exhibits amount to over 80 examples of old cars, motorcycles, motor bicycles, engines, etc. presented in a unique arrangement. Apart from that, the museum space is also used for corporate events, meetings and events of associations and individuals. Contact: Oldtimer-Club Guben e.V. Im 2. OG des Hoffmann-Möbel Einrichtungshauses Friedrich-Schiller-Str. 2b, 03172 Guben Telephone: +49 (3561) 555455 Internet: Opening hours: Saturday: 10.00–16.00 or by prior arrangement

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